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Inform yourself in regards to costs and future maintenance before you purchase or rent a automatic coffee center.

Super Automatic Espresso Machine

These machines operate by automatically grinding the coffee, in some cases also tamping it, and extracting in much the same way an automatic espresso machine does. Unfortunately, these machines take up a lot of space and produce a mediocre shot compared to all other types of authentic espresso machines. Many of these machines have coffee dosing, water flow, and shot temperature adjustability. The most popular of such machines are manufactured by Jura-Capresso and Saeco.


Automatic Espresso Machine

Becoming increasingly common in both home and commercial settings, automatic espresso machines, though significantly more expensive than pump machines, tend to produce a more consistent product with less fine-tuning than the pump-driven machines. They are precisely the same as a semi-automatic pump machine, but have a flowmeter installed in line with the grouphead. When the programmed amount of water has flowed through the flowmeter, the shot is automatically cut.

Pump-Driven Espresso Machine

A refinement of the piston machine is the pump-driven machine, which has become the most popular design in commercial espresso bars. Instead of using manual force, a pump is used with a boiler in most designs. Commercial and high-end home designs often use a built-in shot timer; low-end pump machines measure the shots manually, requiring the use of a graduated shot glass or similar container to measure the proper amount of coffee. High-end machines are often attached directly to the plumbing of the site; low-end machines have built-in water reservoirs. A refinement of the design created originally by the German firm Krups called the thermoblock eliminates the boiler in favor of a heat exchanger that heats the water as it's pumped; though considered technically superior from a design standpoint, implementations of the design have traditionally been lacking.

Piston-driven Espresso Maker

Now mostly characteristic of the showpiece high-end designs of La Pavoni, the piston-driven espresso maker is the archetype of the modern espresso machine, and the origin of the crema, which was originally thought to be an undesirable waste product but is now considered characteristic of a properly made shot of espresso. It was invented in 1938 by Achille Gaggia; while it is still considered a good way to make espresso, it requires some strength to operate, and most such units sold today are as much showpieces as practical devces

Steam Espresso Maker

Similar to a stovetop espresso maker, a steam unit operates solely by steam pressure, but is fashioned more in the style of a typical pump-powered unit, including the filter-holding/coffee dispensing head called a portafilter. Steam units generally produce a product more or less identical to a stovetop espresso pot.

 Important Facts about Coffee Machines

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